Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

Metallic pieces's of clothing are so hot right now and you would probably regret not purchasing at least one piece of metallic clothing as they are a statement piece, you can literally match and pair it with anything. I have recently bought a metallic skirt from missguided, I am so glad I bought it as I am in love with it and it is my statement piece this year, I am definately going to be wearing mine for most of the hot sunny days in summer (bring on the summer!) I also invested in some metallic red leggings that I havent taken of since the day I purchased them. missguided have the best and largest selection of metallic pieces, so if you are thinking of buying something metallic I would recommend you to look there, with this hot, fresh trend you can not go wrong with it so give it a go and I promise you you will fall in love with this bold trend!

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