Saturday, 5 October 2013

hi, sorry I havent been on for a while I have been revising for important tests but in this post I will be sharing my tips for the perfect skin everybody dreams of having.
so, this post is going to be about how to have perfect, clear skin that looks like it have been airbrushed. I will give you every tip that I know from friends, magazines and my family. Everybody is going to suffer from the ocasional breakout but some more than others, the first two tips are that are so important to getting closer to your dream immaculate skin is getting enough sleep because if you are run down you are going to be getting a group of spots invading your skin. Also make sure you drink enough water (make sure its pure water not flavoured water).

Now they are the obvious tips for keeping healthy, which will then show through your skin. Also it does matter what facewash you use as the one you are currently using may be too harsh for your skin (speaking from experience), as it may scrub away all of your skin oils which will then make your skin produce more oil to make up for the amount that you have dried out, also becareful it's not too gentle.

My skin is quite oily, and I always used to think that if I wash my face again and again and again that it would reduce the oil but it doesnt! I also used to avoid using moisturises as I thought that would add greasiness to my skin but the tip is to wash your face with a natural facewash: I use a tea tree facewash which has all natural ingredients in it. I also wipe my face with simple facewipes as soon as I get back from school because when your at school you often touch your face alot. After each time I wash my face I moisturise with a light moisturiser (I use simple light moisturiser, so its not too thick and greasy)

Also what I do is pull my hair back out of my face with a hairband as I have a middle parting so my bangs rest on my face, so if you have a hairstyle where its resting on your face, do this tip often so you can let your skin breath (definitely do this if you have a fringe).

To clean your pores out try and do a facemask weekly (so, once a week). This will help to clean out the dirty pores. The facemask that I normally use is the Montage Jeunesse, as it comes in gorgeous flavours and makes my skin look and feel smoother.

Also to flush your pores out, exercise is a great way too reduce spots because when you exercise you sweat and by sweating it will flush the dirt out of your pores.

also ask me any questions about this topic or anything that's on mind, as I am happy to help!

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