Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My favourite red carpet looks from the Teen choice awards

I woke up to my Instagram spamming out with mass amounts of selfies and red carpet shots from the upbeat teen choice awards. Also my SnapChat was spilling over with fun packed videos of the night, pfftt which totally didn't make me jealous! I couldn't wait to study the outfits in more detail, so I flicked through all the photos online and found my favourite's of the night. I love how the outfit's choices for Teen choice awards always are more light and ooze in fun, and are never taken too seriously. These are my favourite as these are the outfits that I would definitely wear myself for a special occasion, as I love how they are styled to achieve the final look. But my ultimate favourite's are Zendaya, I love the ruffled top (obsessed in fact) and how she has paired it with more of an edgy bottom half, with the thigh high split. My other is Bella Thorne, I mean when does she ever fail to deliver, the answer is never, I love her style and how she obtains the right look for the right event. So enjoy these photos of the flawless outfit's from that night.







                   SLAY Mitchell, more like.

                   The PLL star looks like a total babe in black.


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