Saturday, 19 December 2015

My audience, Talking about you guys!

Due to another assignment that I'm currently completing for Teen vogue and Parsons programme I have to analyse the audience that my social media and blog generate, and how I can use this to inspire a larger group of you guys.
Therefore I started to look and analyse the audience that I generate on my blog. Firstly I acknowledged where my main audience was based, I concluded that the heavier views came from the United States, as they held 596 of the total views on my blog since I started it. Then second it was United Kingdom who contributed 519 views to my blog. I also have other countries who take an interest in my blog such as Russia, Germany, France and Poland. Therefore I will subtly adapt the content in my blog so it can possibly appeal to a more international audience.
I then looked at the most popular operating system so I could see whether my posts should be more accessible for mobile devices or more suitable for devices such as laptops. The most common was on the software windows with iphone following them at the second most popular device as a mobile one. In view of this I will make my posts as easy as possible to access and interact.
I then looked at the most popular post that you guys found the most interesting, this was the post "Bold Brights". The format of this post was me describing the trends in for that season and then I picked my favorite items from the high street so the trend was affordable and wearable for my readers.
I then moved onto acknowledging the audience I attract on my tumbler. There were particular posts that attracted more attention, these consisted of makeup themes or posts that had previously been very popular with different audiences, such as the tumblr images we often see regularly. Due to the posts and pictures that I choose to express my personal style, what I like and things I find interesting, I have gained 6 followers. I have to be totally honest I have never actually looked at how many followers I had on here, as I literally just do it for the aesthetic and use it to build up a sort of moodboard that displays my inspiration.
The last social media that I closely looked into was Instagram. I have recently started an Instagram for my blog, where I share with you guys what I am currently liking and what I am up to. However I have had my personal private Instagram for many years, but decided to set up a public one so I could interact with you guys. I use the hashtag #fashionblogger, therefore I often receive likes from fashion bloggers. As on social media fashion bloggers often support each other. The posts that I receive the most likes on are the ones where I expose what I get up to such as holiday pictures or meals out.

Therefore I am going to subtly adjust my posts so they appeal more to the audience that takes the majority of interests. Also I will post more of my own photos that give a slight insight of my life.

Check my tumblr out to see what's inspiring me
Check my Instagram out to see what I'm getting up to.

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