Friday, 11 March 2016

My Mockup bag

For this TeenvogueXparsons task I had to create my signature bag that supports my mood board that I produced earlier on in the course. The style of my bag is a mini square bag that has a flip over front that can be fastened with a magnetic button. This fastening allows it to be safe a secure. Also due to the bag me small compared to regular sizes, therefore it can contain essentials, I opted for a short handle. Additionally the colour scheme that I used linked to my mood board I created, as I opted for pastel and soft colours that are not too overwhelming and can go with every outfit. Also I decided to contrast to different colours that however complement each other. These colours consist of baby pink and light blue. I sectioned these colours of by using the pink polyester for the body of the bag and the blue for the handle and the flip over section. In order to calculate the cost of production for this bag I considered all the costs pulled out from all the materials involved in producing this. I also had to decide what I wanted my profit to be and the price in which I would sell it at retail price View My mood board to see where I got my inspiration from when designing this bag.

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