Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My product

After I had completed my mock up I then had to create my product (which is still a bag) but this time including the pattern stripes. Therefore I still wanted to define the the two different sections that I had highlighted previously. Therefore I angled my stripes in two different directions, The top half which included the flap with fastening I did vertical stripes, with the actual body of the bag containing horizontal stripes. In order to create the stripes I used water colours as I wanted to define the stripes and express a vintage feel to it. I also created another Production chart to express the costs and retail price of this bag. In order for the stripes to work in the real product to sell in retail shops I would use different colour polyester strips to create the pattern of stripes. The size of the bag is the same as the mock up that I made in my previous post.

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