Saturday, 12 March 2016

Your size doesn't define you!!

Does anyone else have that annoying problem that you find a gorgeous item of clothing that your instantly obsessed with, then scramble to quickly find your size, sigh in relief as you unhook your new love then try it on in the changing room, then look in the mirror and realise you look like a sack of potatoes or like your wearing your younger sisters clothing? yeah you feel me?! I share your annoyance with this! as all shops have slightly different sizing therefore you can never say you are constantly a certain size, this may provoke thoughts like "ooo maybe I shouldn't of had that chocolate bar" or "yahh should of denied those fish and chips". However most likely it won't actually be you but it will be the shops fault due to the specific measurements that have been completed during production. Therefore my advice is to always try on at least two different sizes of the same item of clothing to acknowledge which fits and hangs the best, as the chosen size you prefer may surprise you.
Therefore I documented the process I went through to find perfect fit and the size I bought depending on the shop.
Firstly I tried on these jeans from ZARA in a size 6, and I normally fit a size 6 but these jeans consisted of quite a loose and baggy waist. However I fell in love with them and they did fit nicely on the actual leg, so I decided to go for them and just buy a belt.

I also popped into Pink and I had to get one of their over sized jumpers (as I'm forever obsessed with baggy fit), however I tried small and medium and decided to go with the medium as the small didn't fit as it was shown, as it was too short and tight. I actually had a conversation with one of the workers there about sizing.

I then got a another top from ZARA that had a mesh front therefore your bra was exposed, I tried on two sizes an 8 and a 6, as I didn't want the neck and sleeves to be too tight, as I'm all for comfort haha. However the size 6 was a good size, even though I thought it would be quite tight due to me comparing it to other sizes in different shops and different styles of clothing in ZARA itself.

Pictures all mine feat my sisters room.
Therefore guys it's literally guess work, so I guess you just have to have an eye for what suits your body and style instead of going off the size on the hanger.

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