Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm in a mood.......

I styled this outfit with an edgy grunge theme in mind. I don't have a particular style that I always wear or stick to, I tend to just wake up and go with what ever my mood is. I like to channel the mood I'm expressing so if I'm feeling badass I will throw on some heavy colours. However obviously this day I was feeling like incorporating a vintage, edgy and effortless look. Therefore I dug out my frayed jeans (from Zara) and a thin floaty t-shirt that is actually parted from a set (from Missguided), I also opted for a black bra that you could slightly see through the t-shirt. I then finished the look off with my beloved almost clunky shoes that added that extra toughness about the outfit.

I styled this outfit and picked the location to solidify the vibe I was attempting to achieve.
I also combined this post with a couple of photos I found for inspiration that helped add to the feel of the post. Therefore photos that are not of me I got from Tumblr.

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