Saturday, 2 November 2013

The last post I did was about keeping your skin clear, but this post is about the tips and tricks if you are trying to get rid of an annoying spot/ spots. Firstly is a tea tree wand, a tea tree wand is a stick (that looks like lipgloss) and it has an end that you use in the day and the oppposite end you use for the night, you can purchase this from boots. This is brilliant if you are trying to banish a specific spot thats been lingering around, as it drys out the spot.

The next tip I am going to give you sounds a bit weird but its a savour, if you have a spot that is really obvious on your face and its just shouting attention then this is what you do. Get a tiny blob of toothpaste on your finger (yes, I said toothpaste) and dab it onto the spot, this will also dry it out rapidly.

For night treatment I use a Tea Tree Witch Hazel Gel and smother my face with it to reduce visible spots for the next day.

 Another night treatment zapper is a strong cream called Panoxyl, which you can get from the chemist. But just as a warning when I say its strong, I mean its strong so use it sparingly.
Thats all my tips for now but remember to check out my next post!
Also ask me any questions to do with this post!

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