Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The summer I went travelling

I Just thought I'd update and share with you guys about the globe trotting I've been doing this summer. I think I've become addicted to experiencing new countries with friends and family, I literally can't get enough. I want to experience all the different cultures and see how other people live. Also the views are almost guaranteed to always be photogenic af, I've literally got so many good photos, that I will share a few of the many with you. Also by flying out to a hot country means I can actually get my legs out and be all girly as the weather allows me to wear dresses and shorts, which England normally deprives me of. However saying that the weather here has been strangely hot like literally a heatwave. That's definitely not me complaining. But back to my travels (sorry got a bit side tracked then), The countries I got to visit this year was Greece, and to be more precise Rhodes, honestly I didn't want to leave. It had a feel of traditionalism with the food and our cultured visits to old Rhodes town (which we got a very hot bus to) and Lindos, which is the cutest little town ever, we loved it and actually had to visit a couple of times. It was like a large traditional market. Honestly we became proper typical tourists on this visit aha.The views were insane as we were blanketed with large hills,sand and water. Also of course we had to try the traditional food out there, with both me and my boyfriend becoming addicted to Baklava, that we even had to take some home with us. The next location I traveled to, is a type of holiday I feel everyone needs to experience at least once, because they're pretty unique and have a care free vibe where no one judges, a party holiday with my girl friends. We lived it up in Ayia Napa. I went to Malia last year on my first ever girls holiday, and these kind of holidays definitely bring you closer to your friends as your with them 24/7 for a week, and you learn how to, whats the word, almost cope with each other, I'm not sure if that's the right word. But you're living on hardly any sleep each day, but you definitely learn the limits. So if you've never been on one of these type of holidays I'd definitely recommend. The last place I've been to recently is the most photogenic place ever, even more photogenic then the Kardashians, a place where if you ever have a chance to visit snap it up immediately. I went to the Maldives, It was incredible and as soon as you stepped foot there, it hit you with relaxation as the waves softly crash. We were extremely lucky and actually got to stay in a water Villa, that was sat right in the middle of the sea. It was definitely a detox holiday got you out of the hustle and bustle and made you live in the present and not take whats around you for granted. God do I just want to be back there now soaking in the rays from the sun and the clear blue sea surrounding me. Just so you can appreciate some of the views and cultures I experienced this summer I've shared some photos with you and words don't do it justice. I'm definitely going to try and experience as many countries as I can each summer now with spending a month in different countries this summer. I love seeing new places!


Friday, 8 June 2018

My First Time-GFW

So I'm no longer a newbie to graduate fashion week, I can finally say I went for my first time this year and can fairly say it definitely won't be my last! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was continuously in awe of all the amazing work being displayed by individuals. Additionally I got to experience my first catwalk (even though I have been to the clothes show, which isn't a proper catwalk really), and now I'm actually addicted, I could have sat there all day watching the models elegantly strut down the path with the work of arts hanging off them. I have to say that was probably my highlight of the day, It's actually been my dream to see a catwalk live and not just live streaming it. To be able to see the the different materials and styles of designs was so interesting and the attention of detail to each garment whether it was a button or a fold in a fabric. I literally couldn't pick my favourite collection. Honestly there was not one moment in the day where I wasn't occupied, I was swarmed by amazing work and being able to look at the graduates work from my university was inspiring. I mean the long hours of travelling to London was definitely worth it. Here are a few of my favourite pictures of the displayed work, the Man Met showcase and the catwalks.

Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm in a mood.......

I styled this outfit with an edgy grunge theme in mind. I don't have a particular style that I always wear or stick to, I tend to just wake up and go with what ever my mood is. I like to channel the mood I'm expressing so if I'm feeling badass I will throw on some heavy colours. However obviously this day I was feeling like incorporating a vintage, edgy and effortless look. Therefore I dug out my frayed jeans (from Zara) and a thin floaty t-shirt that is actually parted from a set (from Missguided), I also opted for a black bra that you could slightly see through the t-shirt. I then finished the look off with my beloved almost clunky shoes that added that extra toughness about the outfit.

I styled this outfit and picked the location to solidify the vibe I was attempting to achieve.
I also combined this post with a couple of photos I found for inspiration that helped add to the feel of the post. Therefore photos that are not of me I got from Tumblr.