A bit about me:
I Absolutely adore and love fashion with a strong passion,everything I do or watch i have to always inspect their outfit and pick out things they should ditch or include in their outfit. I love to give advice on fashion so please ask me anything, it can literally be anything like, what to wear to a party so please ask away! also please leave comments on my posts so i know what you are all thinking and i will be doing some customising clothes and DIY tips and ideas!
I chose to start a blog as I thought I could combine all my passions into one, as I also love writing. So therefore this is the perfect way for me to share the trends, my current inspiration and how you can achieve these styles. what inspired me to start a blog? well I love reading and scrolling down others blogs and it just made me think, that it must be really fun and satisfying to work on a post and then publish it, so everyone who has the same passion can indulge in it. Also due to it being on the internet, obviously its so easy for everyone to share there opinions and takes on the trend, which I absolutely love. 

About my posts:In my posts where I use my own photos (which will acknowledge the photographer) featuring myself and the outfit that I have styled I will mark with (*own photos).

Wish to contact me? If you would like to drop me an email about work or even just a question about my post, email me at: Livlovesfashion@gmail.com

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