Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The "it" girl for Topshop!

Omg, I'm so excited for this Topshop collection with Gigi Hadid who is definitely the "it" girl of the moment, I have been following her on Instagram for years, Way before her sudden boom! I am obsessed with this collection, there is not one piece that I have not fallen in love with. Therefore I think Topshop have picked the perfect model to be the new face (who has taken over from Cara). She totally suits the clothes that express a true form of grunge with her long messy blonde hair, that has become a trademark for her. Think I will be purchasing every single item from this Autumn/Winter collection, Eeek can't wait! I also got an email from Topshop today where you can read the 3-part interview with the popular model and sign up to get notifications about the upcoming collection (which I am definitely going to do). Another perfect collection that I can't wait to purchase!

Gigi's Interview with Topshop
















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